Thursday, September 8, 2011

Google+ App for iOS Updated to fix Bugs and re-Sharing

While Facebook is in a hurry to carry on the competition in social networking through the release of their latest update for iOS, Google+ has also updated its mobile app. Google has pushed out an updated version of its iphone, ipod, ipad apps via the App Store, bringing with it various bug fixes, along with the much wished for ‘reshare’ feature.
The update brings the app up to version number, and attempts to give the iOS app parity with its Android-based cousin. The reshare ability was added to the Android app recently, and Apple’s App Store approval process has been the reason for the delay on this side of the iPhone/Android divide.
Google’s release notes detail the changes in this particular release of the app, with bug fixes being the order of the day.
§  Reshare support
§  Set your profile photo
§  Improved autocomplete in Huddle
§  Properly refresh notifications when returning to the app
§  Create new circle from Circles destination
§  Fixed 2-step verification issues
One thing that is still very much missing from this update is an iPad version. With Twitter’s iPad app already best-in-class, and Facebook’s app on its way, Google will need to get an iPad app out sooner rather than later.
“Resharing is easy. Simply tap on a post (like you would to +1 it). At the bottom near the comment box, you’ll see a small arrow.Click it and you’ll see the option to “Share this post”. Just choose your audience, add a comment if you like, and hit Post.”

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